My doctoral thesis is on representation learning for multi-relational data, and my thesis advisor is Pierre Vandergheynst. I like to research machine learning for graph-structured data.

I also have a signal processing background, which I majored in MSc. My master thesis was on the analysis of airborne LiDAR point clouds using the graph signal processing framework. I completed it under the co-supervision of Aydin Alatan and Elif Vural.


  • Graph Representation Learning
  • Network Science
  • Signal Processing on Graphs
  • Knowledge Graph Reasoning


  • PhD in Electrical-Electronics Eng., 2021

    École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

  • MSc in Electrical-Electronics Eng., 2017

    Middle East Technical University

  • BSc in Electrical-Electronics Eng., 2013

    Middle East Technical University

Recent Posts

Project: Heterogeneous MPNN on Knowledge graphs

I am looking for collaborators along this direction! Please contact me if you are interested. Also interested students (master or above) can contribute in the project defined here.

Resources on Graph Machine Learning

I have compiled some of the publicly available resources here and I try to keep it updated. Hope the students and graph enthusiasts can benefit!